Giving Back

Giving Back

Conservation is defined as ‘the preservation and careful management of the environment and of natural resources’.  The modern traveler has become more aware of the importance of considering their impact on the environment and we have seen a move towards vacations that allow the traveler to include a form of ‘giving back’ as part of their memorable experience.  At Thompsons Africa we have embraced the needs of the modern traveler and have identified packages and programmes that address these very important needs.

Our endorsement of the SATSA Animal Interaction Charter further reinforces our commitment to an ethical approach to the long-term conservation of wildlife welfare.
Thompsons Africa actively supports organisations which focus on the conservation, protection and promotion of our rich heritage. We are proud to be part of a joint initiative by The Travel Corporation (TTC) family of brands called The TreadRight Foundation; a ‘not for profit’ working to ensure that the environment and communities we explore remain vibrant for future generations.
TreadRight is The Travel Corporation’s hub for all corporate social responsibility efforts, and manages a long-standing grants program that benefits sustainable tourism projects.
To date, TreadRight has committed more than USD 2million to projects worldwide, and encourages industry best practice through their support for the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, The Travel Foundation & Tourism Cares.


How We Tread Right (HWTR)
is The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) new five-year sustainability strategy, which sets the mandate on sustainability at Thompsons Africa and our sister travel companies.

Our strategy is based on 11 measurable goals developed to address Thompsons Africa’s impact on Planet, People, and Wildlife. These goals, anchored to the United Nations’ Global Goals, address:

Planet – sustainability and conservation by targeting climate change, sustainable food production and responsible consumption through carbon management, renewable energy, the food cycle, waste reduction, and the elimination of single-use plastics.

People – community support and cultural preservation by targeting overtourism through the inclusion of new MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences, the creation of a standalone strategy to encourage greater diversity and inclusion at Thompsons Africa, and our global give-back efforts.

Wildlife – conservation and protection by targeting animal welfare and conservation, and ethical wildlife experiences through TreadRight’s Animal Welfare Policy.

Learn more about how choosing Thompsons Africa means choosing a travel company that puts sustainability and the planet at the core of everything we do.


To implement sustainable green methods, to reduce our usage of precious resources, to recycle and reuse whatever we can, to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generations needs!’
Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing processes intended to reduce our impact on our precious environment.  We aim to do this by monitoring and reducing our paper consumption, ensuring that we recycle wherever possible and reduce our consumption of both electricity and water.