Our People

Our People

From senior management to junior staff, we pride ourselves on being a hands-on, close-knit team, each person imbued with a strong sense of personal ownership. We know that efficient, knowledgeable, caring service is the finest means of ensuring long-term relationships with our customers.

We have worldwide offices and representation in China, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka and Europe.



Sonia Carralero Fernandez

Key Account Sales Manager: Latin America, Southern Europe, Scandinavia & Australia

Janine Southwood

Head of Personal Collection

Graeme Watson

Key Account Sales Manager: USA, UK & Ireland

Themba Ndayi

Key Account Sales Manager: Canada, Africa & Middle East

Des Lubbe

Key Account Sales Manager: Northern Europe

James Hassan

Key Account Sales Manager: India, South East Asia & China

Reservations Department Managers

Brigitte Albert

Senior Department Manager: Worldwide Groups
I have been a member of the Thompsons Africa family for 13 years. My passion is group travel and in my role as Department Manager for the Groups Proposals and Reservations team we are able to create, deliver and fulfil our insignia of Dream the Destination, Live the Journey.

Yashvanti Vanmari

Department Manager: Japan
I manage the specialised TEAM JAPAN and work on the proposals for this market. Having spent 6 months working with the customer in Japan, has allowed me to gain more knowledge and has given me valuable insight into this market. It has been a truly remarkable and life changing experience for me.

Reda Abdelaal

Department Manager: Worldwide FIT's
I have been with Thompsons Africa for the last 14 years. I currently lead a team of experts within the Worldwide FIT Department. My team and I will passionately make your dream holiday a reality.

Ryan Thole

Department Manager: USA & Canada FIT
I joined Thompsons Africa 13 years ago as on operations co-ordinator in our Group Series department. Over the years I have had many roles in the business which include, Consulting, Supervisor, Sales and Department Manager. I am passionate about my country’s beauty and diversity, this Industry is very unique as everyday is different and I am constantly learning new things.

Claudia Bold

Department Manager: Group Series and German Department
I was born and grew up in Germany and made my way to South Africa after finishing my degree in Pedagogy. The first time I set foot on South African soil was the time I instantly fell in love with this magnificent country that has so many contrasts and offered so much warmth that it felt more like home than Germany ever did. I joined Thompsons Africa shortly after my arrival and simply love sharing this magical country with overseas guests in the

Deborah Naidoo

Department Manager: Quality Control
My career started at Thompsons Africa in December 2000 and I have never looked back. Working at Thompsons Africa is adventure whereby you work with different cultures and deal with customers from all over the world. There is never a dull moment and no matter how long you have been in this company, you are always learning something new. I love my country South Africa and to be working in an industry where I can make other people’s dreams come t


Keshnie Khedun

Optionals and In-House Systems Co-ordinator
I have always had a love for travel and a desire to work in the travel industry. 9 years later and I still love the vibe at Thompsons Africa and the diverse people that make it such a remarkable company, where there is always opportunity to grow and explore different avenues.

Sorin Jones

Systems Specialist

Guided Journeys

Janita Karshan

Guided Journeys Specialist

Product Procurement

Karina Brand

Product Procurement Executive
My career at Thompsons Africa began 15 years ago and I am currently responsible for customer-specific procurement for the North American Market. It is difficult not to be inspired by the incredible mix of people who I work with at Thompsons Africa who share my passion, pride and excitement for our country. South Africa’s multi-ethnic society and our beautiful contrasting landscapes makes our product truly unique – whenever people ask me w

Samantha Kisten

Product Procurement Executive
The better part of my career in tourism has been spent at Thompsons Africa, 15yrs and counting! I am privilege to work with a great pool of individuals that share my passion and love for our beautiful African continent.

Michelle Lazarus

Product Procurement Executive
Am proud to say that I have been in the employ of Thompsons Africa for 20 Years in August 2016. My career at Thompsons started with Thompsons Holidays, and moved the Product & Procurement position with Thompsons Africa about 10 Years ago. My portfolio covers the Africa Region of Southern Africa which includes Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique. I am totally passionate about my job and love working with these wonderful destina

Serina Pillay

Product Procurement Executive
After completing a degree in Management, I joined the Thompsons Africa family 11 years ago and love every moment of being a part of this vibrant industry! South Africa is truly a ‘world in one country’ with the most beautiful people, culture and scenery and is the reason I love doing what I do every day!

Paresh Ranchod

Product Procurement Executive
My career in the Tourism Industry started in Jan 1994, as an accounts clerk for Thompsons Africa, and progressed to various roles over the years. I currently look after the Procurement of specific products. I am one of those blessed people, who is passionate about work, and I take my inspiration from the wonderful people I interact with, as well as the products I manage . I simply love what I do.

Jarrod Elliot

Product Procurement Assistant
I have been with Thompsons Africa for five years now. Every day working in the tourism industry has been completely different to the day before always something new to learn or a new challenge to overcome which has grown my confidence in both my personal and professional life. I enjoy the thrill and pressure of meeting the tight deadlines and meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Richard Wilkins

Duty of Care Administrator
After 21 Years of Retail Travel experience with Thomas Cook/Rennies Travel, I joined Thompsons Africa in 1990 during our ‘early days’ in our Outbound Travel Division progressed creating our Cruising Division. I presently function as Duty of Care Administrator in our Inbound Operation catering for the needs concerning such requirements from our valued suppliers.

Naiomi Perumal

Product Procurement Executive
My career in the Tourism Industry started at Thompsons Africa, as Reception, after which I then moved into Outbound Tours, and later Inbound Tours. I currently do the Procurement for a large German based FIT Account, which has been challenging and very rewarding at the same time. I love what I do and having an appreciative and satisfied customer is my driving force.

Vishen Sukdev

Product Procurement Assistant
My Journey with Thompsons Africa began in 2012. It has since been a phenomenal experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work among many people from different cultures and backgrounds. I currently work under the Product and Procurement Team for Travel Corporation North America.

Kelsey Bezuidenhout

Product Procurement Executive
I fell in love with our country and its people at an early age and have been in the Tourism Industry ever since. I love our country, the people in it and the amazing places one can visit.


Bina Dayanarain

Systems Co-ordinator
I look after the Business Services for Thompsons Africa. I have entered my tenth year with this amazing company and love being a part of a Company whose passion is driven to make people’s dream holidays a reality, a place where customers want to do business, where guests feel celebrated and where people love to work.

Eve Nagoor

Systems Co-ordinator
I work in the Business Services Department for Team South Africa. I am responsible for the loading in Travel Studio of Day Tours, Activities, Road Transfers, Air Transfers, Meet and Greet, Restaurants Meals and Shows, Car Hire and Entrances.

Ernest Dlamini

Team Leader: Regional
I joined the tourism industry in 2012, as a Systems Coordinator populating the in-house system, working on services & allocation (junior). Currently I am responsible for assisting and encouraging 4 of team regionals team-mates, ensuring all services and accommodation that go into travel studio are given careful attention as well as Namibia Wildlife Resort bookings.

Stephanie Gopaul

Systems Co-ordinator
I work for the Business Services department for Team Regional. I am responsible for the Uploading and qc of rates and information for our online Tariff - mainly for Day Tours, Car Hire, Road and Air Transfers and I am of regular assistance for Accommodation and to Team South Africa as well.

Thanduxolo Ngema

Contract Rate Co-ordinator
I am responsible for the briefing and assigning of contracts for loading onto Travel Studio for South African properties. I am also responsible for SA Helpdesk, dealing with any Inbound queries on rates/contracts from the Reservations Team and the Systems Team.

Andile Mgwaba

Systems Co-ordinator
In the Business Services department, Andile is part of Team SA in Systems, Andile is responsible for loading and Qcing accommodation rates and policies for South African properties. Andile is also responsible for Allocation and free sell for all properties in southern Africa. Andile also speaks in third person.

Stanton Pillay

Systems Co-ordinator
In the Business Services department, I am part of Team SA in Systems and I am responsible for loading and QC'ing accommodation rates and policies for South African properties. I enjoy working at Thompsons Africa.

Seshni Naidoo

Team Leader: South Africa
I have been a part of the Thompsons Africa family for 10 years. I am responsible and manage all loading of rates for Thompsons Africa. Together with my team, we are responsible for the uploading of rates for Accommodation, Day Tours, Transfers, Car Hire, Allocation. My team and I are responsible for making your holiday a dream come true and an experience you will never forget.

Desiree Pillay

Systems Co-ordinator
Joined the diverse industry of tourism in 2015. Responsibilities include the implementation and quality control of rates and policies within Team Regional. I am inspired by the motto that success is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

Leneshree Govender

Systems Co-ordinator
I work in the Systems Department with Team Regional and I am responsible for populating our system with accurate rates and information for Accommodation, Day Tours, Car hire, Road and Air Transfers.

Vanessa Moodley

Contract Rate Co-ordinator
I am responsible for the briefing and assigning of contracts for loading into the system. I am also responsible for Helpdesk, dealing with any Inbound queries on rates/contracts from the Reservations Team and the Systems Team.

Jasmine Johnson

Systems Co-ordinator
In the Business Services department, I am part of Team SA and I am responsible for populating rates and policies into Travel Studio. I’m mainly responsible for loading accommodation for South Africa in Travel Studio.

Thompsons Africa - China

Vivie Zhou

Thompsons Africa China Sales Director
As an Asian Division Manager, I look after clients’ relationships from Southeast Asian and China markets, as well as managing operations in details. I am passionate about introducing Southern Africa’s rich tourism resources to the market, learn from the best in the industry, provide the best services to our clients and leave the unforgettable journey to guests.

Customer Travel Team

Colette Bailey

Supervisor: Customer Travel Team
I am responsible, together with my team, for staff leisure and business travel, for arranging staff and customer fam trips and customer holidays.

Keresha Kunnan

I am responsible for confirming all Agent travels as well as Thompsons Africa Staff Travel.

Anusha Persad

I am part of the dynamic Customer Travel Team, responsible for all travel requirements for our Customers and Staff. I assist with their business travel arrangements (educationals/familiarisation trips) as well as any personal travel.

Group Series Proposals

Naadiya Hussain

Group Series Proposals Specialist
I have been with the company for over 5 years and have both FIT and Group series experience. My passion for travel started over 10 years ago, and has allowed me to visit many countries and meet many people from different walks of life. South Africa is a diverse and beautiful country which makes my passion for travel grow even further.

Elaine Nambiar

Group Series Proposals Specialist
I have been with Thompsons Africa for 11 years and responsible for compiling and pricing series itineraries for customers throughout the world. I have a variety of different customers and it is important to understand my customers wants and needs in order to satisfy each market. It is important to share my expertise, knowledge and advice, always offering interesting, well-priced programmes within a good turnaround time.

Reena Naidoo

Group Series Proposals Specialist
I have been in the company for 17 years and have moved departments twice. I am currently with the Group Series Proposals Team where we put together the most exciting itineraries for our customers. As a team we rock! I was away from the office for 20 months due to a battle with Cancer but on a positive note, by the Grace of God, I am excited to return to an awesome team.

People Services & Development

Tracy Schaffler

Trainer/Travel Studio Business Owner
I am responsible for the Training of all new and existing staff on systems, product, destinations and soft skills. I am also responsible for drawing up and maintaining the Training Plan, and facilitating a review of the impact of this plan.

Maria Mngadi

Filing Clerk
I am responsible for office filing, laminating, binding & copying. I also distribute mail, collect Docex and assist with tea, coffee and stationery.


Robyn Biddle

Visual Communicator

Quality Control Department

Sumaine Moodley

Quality Control Consultant
I started with Thompsons Africa in 2012, working in the Business Services department and recently moved over to the Quality Control department. There is much excitement surrounding the tourism industry, each day allows for new adventures so therefore I do enjoy what I do as I am apart of a business that allows for beautiful experiences to become reality.

Thandeka Ndwalane

Quality Control Consultant
I started as an student coming from College looking for an in-service training and that’s when Thompsons Africa family welcomed me an internship learner for a year. With my hard work and the passion for tourism a year later I became permanent. It’s been a learning curve, wonderful experience and inspiring journey for me. The love I have for this country is unexplainable and it is my honour to tell the people and let them experience the county

German and Group Series Reservations

Tracey McCann

Reservations Consultant
I have been in the Travel industry for a couple of years, I have travelled South Africa extensively as well as internationally. I’ am proud to represent this amazing company Thompsons Africa and to be a part of this exciting industry.

Yanano Dzingai

Reservations Consultant
My passion for travel started when I was a little girl and this has pushed me to create a career around it. I am a consultant looking after the German market. I get so much satisfaction when planning holidays for our guests for I know these will be encounters that will teach them life lessons. I believe that I’m personally contributing to a more peaceful world by fostering understanding between cultures, both theirs and my own.

Elke Schutte

Reservations Consultant
My career in tourism spans 12 years and I have been very privileged to have travelled to many parts of the world, experiencing many different cultures and countries. I currently work in the German Department of Thompsons Africa and am very proud to be selling this beautiful part of the world for all to come and experience what makes Southern Africa so truly unique and wonderful.

Zama Mofokeng

German Department Team Leader
The travel industry has forever been my passion with a special interest in Eco-tourism. I joined the Thompsons Africa family in 2014 as German consultant and I must say that this has been nothing but an exciting journey. Every day we unpack a new adventure as we create magical /WOW experiences for our guests by selling our beautiful country which has such a magnificent bio-diversity.

Sithembile Nzama

Tour Controller
My career in the Tourism industry started 8 years ago and I am enjoying every moment. It’s has been my dream to be part of Thompsons Africa and I am so happy that my dream finally came true. We look after our German customers ensuring that their stay with us is full of beautiful memories. I am supper happy to be part of this awesome company as we always offer quality, value and WOW experiences.

Crisasha Munsami

Reservations Consultant
My direction in travel began when I decided to study Tourism Management and thereafter spent 7 years in the Travel Industry. I am currently working within the Group Series Department of Thompsons Africa. I am passionate and confident about my country and I love being inspired by the different cultures, beauty and diversity of it.

USA and Canada FIT Reservations Department

Heston Nayager

Reservations Consultant
I’m part of the Business Services (Specialised Services) team. I handle new projects for Thompsons Africa and the testing of new developments on our Online Tariff, Business to Business and Travel Studio systems. I work closely with the Groups Series and Guided Journeys teams to populate their packages. I also handle our helpdesk for internal queries from our consultants. I have been with the company for 5 years and enjoy being part of a company

Professor Sontsele

Operations Co-ordinator
Growing up in the outskirts of the Eastern Cape was a huge influence in choosing a career path in the tourism fraternity; I am an Operations Coordinator who takes pride and diligence in organizing and synchronizing the activities of various managers and departments within the company. I am quiet privileged to work for Thompsons Africa and I would not change it for any other work place.

Cheryl Prakasim

Reservations Consultant

Caroline Pillay

Reservations Consultant
I pursued my career in the Travel Industry in reservations selling Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands and have gained much knowledge and experience over the years. I am an extremely proud South African as we truly have the beauties and wonders of the world in one country.

Robyn Box

Reservations Consultant
I have been in the Tourism Industry for 8 years, since I have joined Thompsons Africa I have become a part of a big team. I work in the USA Department inbound, I love what I do and strive to achieve all my goals.

Candyce Alexander

Reservations Consultant
My career in the Tourism Industry started with Thompsons Africa 5 years ago. I am currently a reservations consultant in the USA department, I have been in many departments in Thompsons Africa and thoroughly enjoy being a consultant. I am constantly growing and learning more about this beautiful country I live in, which makes me Proud to be South African and to work in the Tourism industry.

Bukiwe Mkhwanazi

Reservations Consultant
I studied Tourism Management. My journey began consulting in the Domestic market thereafter, I sold Indian Ocean Islands and Far East packages at Sure Travel in 2006. This was exciting but it was not exhilarating enough as I wanted to learn more about my own country and sell the destination to the world. Two years later, my dream came true when I joined the Inbound Division at selling African experience to the world and very passionate about it.

Louise McCrory

Reservations Consultant
My interest in Travel & Tourism started back in High School when it was offered as subject. I went on to complete a Diploma in for Tour and Tour Operations which was for both Tour operator and Tour guides but chose to pursue the route of being a tour operator consultant. My first position in travel was for a small tour operator where I worked for 3 years before finding my place at Thompsons Africa where I have now been for almost 7 years and most

Dhipthie Ooka

Senior Reservations Consultant
My career in tourism started when, by a lucky break, I landed a position in the contracts department and I worked my way up to senior consultant. I believe that hard work and persistence got me to where I am today!

Daphne Chandika

I am experienced, opinionated, and discerning, and I believe that travel is one of life’s ultimate joys—it never fails to thrill, expand our perspectives, or fill me with wonder. I love offering you the opportunity to explore Africa, and I know I can offer you the best experience of a life time.

Amanda Naradh

Reservations Consultant
I love being part of the Thompsons Africa family. Its wonderful to have the opportunity to contribute to making our customers’ stay a memorable one in our beautiful country!

Nicole de Kock

Reservations Consultant
I love the industry and have been fortunate enough to see some of the world. I am a perfectionist and takes a lot of pride in my work. Even though there is often tremendous pressure to meet deadlines, ultimately, planning an exceptional holiday for a client is extremely rewarding. I consider myself very organised and I take pride in paying attention to finer details, giving nothing less than my best and delivering results that are as perfect a

Shared Services

Candice Koopman

Operations Co-ordinator
I started in Thompsons Africa in 2006 in the contracts and loading department using the Talisman system. I love the tourism industry and working at Thompsons Africa, I have grown from where I have started. Thompsons Africa is a place where you will always learn new things and continue to grow.

Yanga Xala

Operations Co-ordinator
My career at Thompsons: for the short time I have been here everyone has been friendly, each and every person I have worked with has displayed dedication and hard work to spreading happiness to our clients. With that said, It gave me encouragement to be more confident and dedicated to my job as well. It is not too soon to say I have settled in well and I love what I do with the challenges that come along with the Tourism Industry they groom and g

World Wide FIT Department

Chanel Young

Reservations Consultant
I am very passionate about people and enriching their lives, and it is this passion that led me to Thompsons Africa in May 2012. I look after the African Market, Australian Market, Ireland Market and New Zealand Market and enjoy making their Holidays become a lifetime of memories.

Koubashini Pillay

Reservations Consultant
I started at Thompsons Africa in Mar 2002 and working in such a dynamic company I had the pleasure of working on many different markets. This exposed me to different cultures and weird and wonderful requests from guests around the world who wanted to experience the infinite beauty and splendor of our country.

Sandy Verster

Senior Reservations Consultant
My career in the Tourism Industry started with the Airlines and progressed through the Leisure outbound travel agencies and I have now found myself loving selling my own country to international tourist in the Inbound Tour Industry. I currently look after primarily the Dutch and German markets and enjoy every moment of this amazing industry. I am passionate about customer services and always imagine myself in my guests’ shoes in order to ensure

Bongi Ndlovu

Reservations Consultant
My career in the Tourism Industry was inspired by travelling to places of interest at an early stage. I am in the Inbound Division World Wide FIT. I am passionate about making holidays perfect.

Noleen Govindsami

Reservations Consultant
My career begun at Thompsons Africa in March 2007. During these years, I have consulted on FITs and groups. I have grown with a wealth of knowledge about South and Southern Africa. I love to travel and learn new and different cultures. I have had the opportunity to travel within South Africa, and to Swaziland and Mozambique.

Talia Kambarran

Reservations Consultant

Tashnie Reddi

Reservations Consultant

Raeesa Hoosen

Reservations Consultant

Group Series

Soleil Langton

Group Series Reservations Consultant
I am currently in the Group Series Department at Thompsons Africa. I approach travel with a sense of excitement and adventure as our county has diverse culture, history and beauty. My passion is to showcase South Africa to create memories that last a lifetime.

Marshnee Pillay

Group Series Reservations Consultant
My career in Tourism started in 2003, it was always a dream of mine to work at Thompsons Africa and my dream came true in 2007. It has been an amazing journey and I have enjoyed and I am still enjoying it every day. The happiness we bring to our customers is absolutely rewarding, and this is what makes my job so amazing…

Johanna Zerbib

Sales and Operations Manager: French Market
My dream came true when I arrived in South Africa in August 2015 to look after the French Market. I’m French, from Nice, and was in the Hotel industry for 10 years before coming here. I travelled quite a lot, but I can definitely say that South Africa is unique with its rainbow nation and rainbow countryside. I just fell in love with the country and the culture, and I’m so proud and blessed to be able to sell it to me compatriots.

Diann Packiri

Group Series Reservations Consultant
I have been in the Travel Industry for 10 years and I currently in the Group Series Reservations Department. I love the challenge of making guests travel experience pleasurable and memorable. My passion is to show travellers the beauty and the culture of our country.

Suraj Chandika

Groups Operations Co-ordinator
I currently Monitor, control and manage group operations to meet customer expectations and company goals and ensure compliance with company standards and procedures. I enjoy every moment of this industry with its never ending challenges and I have developed a new found love for our country. Falling in love with this magnificent country is easy… I do it every day!!!

Ad Hoc Group Proposals and Reservations

Shannon Powell

Ad hoc Group Reservations Consultant
My career in the Tourism Industry started with our family safari business in Zimbabwe and then to the UK where I worked with Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic in their outbound groups division. From UK to East Africa for Abercrombie & Kent then finally finding my dream and joining Thompsons Africa. I currently work in the groups department and enjoy every moment of every day. They say “your work is going to fill a large part of your life and

Chanelle Stander

Ad hoc Group Reservations Consultant
My passion for the tourism industry began 3 years ago when I joined Thompsons Africa. The vibe at Thompsons Africa is remarkable as we all share the same love for our beautiful country.

Tessa Robertson

Ad hoc Group Reservations Consultant
I was priveleged to live in the UK for a few years and travelled quite extensively during that time. It was then that I realised that there is no place quite like Africa. My position within the Group’s department at Thompsons Africa, allows me to show guests the very best of what our amazing country has to offer.

Wendy Chemaly

Group Proposals Specialist
My career with Thompson’s Tours began in 1989, when I joined as a reservations consultant servicing South African travel agents. After 8 years I joined the Contracting department and was involved with the buying of our international outbound product. This department was moved to the Johannesburg office, and I was offered a position with FIT and later group proposals with Thompson’s Africa. This position has enabled me to learn so much more ab

Linda Shelah

Groups Proposals Consultant
After school I studied at Technical College for a Tourism certificate and have been in travel ever since, working for various travel agencies and SAA. There is always something new to see and do in South Africa and I enjoy bringing the unusual to our guests.

Peta Salmon

Groups Proposals Consultant
Having recently returned to the South African travel industry, I took up an exciting new position in the Group Proposals Department. I am inspired to make a difference to my country and find many opportunities at Thompsons Africa to do just this.

Sandra Lee

Groups Proposals Consultant
My career in Tourism started in 2005 and have never looked back! It’s one of the most rewarding industries to work in. I am currently based in the Group proposals department and look forward to spending many more years with the team!

Lee-Ann Cullen

Ad hoc Group Reservations Consultant

Guest Services

Asha Ambaram

Guest Service Specialist
I assist in leading a high performing GSO team to deliver agreed sales value, exceptional customer service and profitability. To be the vital link between the geographically dispersed Guest Service team and the Durban head office, where a physical presence significantly contributes to the success of the GSO operation in delivering a guest service function on behalf of Thompsons Africa.

FIT Proposals

Cara Hulley

FIT Proposals Specialist
I am responsible for putting together FIT Programs for our customers around the world. I have been working at Thompsons Africa since June 2014 and have recently been promoted to FIT proposals. I have never worked for such an amazing company as Thompsons Africa and every day is rewarding. I have learned so much about how amazing South Africa is and how much we have to offer the world and am yet to learn more.


Julien Janssen

Manager: Guides

Brenda Fouche


Mary Anne Radebe

Office Assistant
I started with the Thompsons group as an Office Assistant in Musgrave and then became an Operations Co-ordinator. In the most unfortunate event I was retrenched but I still stayed within the Thompsons family as an Office Assistant in the Durban Office for Thompsons Africa.

Miriam Nene

Office Assistant
I started as a helper to Linda Pampallis' family home where I built a lasting relationship with Linda. 14 years later, I am still appreciative of the opportunity presented by Linda to join the Thompsons Africa family and I feel this is the best company to work for.

Reuticia Mngadi

Office Assistant
My career at Thompsons Africa began in 1987. I have enjoyed working with the Thompsons Africa family - they have looked after me for 29 years. I have never thought of leaving at Thompsons Africa is my home.

Christopher Ngcobo

Office Clerk
My career at Thompsons Africa stated 10 years ago as a filing clerk - a big responsiblity as one of my tasks was filing for Inbound and Thompsons Holidays Outbound. My confidence and Thompsons Africa's trust in me paid off and I later became a data capturer for People Services & Development. Every day at Thompsons Africa is a new experience for me. The tourism industry as a whole is an exciting and adventurous journey.

Hilda Mogoere

Office Assistant
My career at Thompsons Africa began in 2006. Prior to Thompsons Africa, I was a Waiter/Supervision in Johannesburg race courses however on joining Thompsons Africa has made me feel so welcome. I know now the different cultures, from different people and places as they have given me a chance to see this.


Altamish Khan

Business Administrator
After returning from the UK, I joined Thompsons Africa in the Systems Fulfilment Department and progressed to Specialised Services where I grew myself even further within the business. I currently have the privilege of being a Business Administrator and I’m looking forward to the new experiences this wonderful world of travel has in store for me.


Eleanor Booysens

Accounts Manager
I am responsible for the management of all administrative and banking functions related to the Accounts Department, for Thompsons Africa and its related divisions, Planet Africa and African Diamond in accordance with the Cullinan Holdings Group financial policy.

Devenia Govender

Cashbook Clerk
I am responsible for capturing and reconciling the main account for Thompsons Africa, as well as Miscellaneous bank accounts. I am also responsible for clearing and receipting vouchers on the Guided Journey’s debtors statement.

Karessa Moodley

Junior Accountant
I am an accounts clerk within the administration department, dealing with Thompsons Africa, Thompsons China and African Diamond.

Vilashnie Naidu

Senior Accountant
I am responsible for Bookkeeping function within the Administration Department – dealing with Thompsons Africa, Thompsons China, Planet Africa and African Diamond.

Anisha Bharuth

Credit Control Manager

Melanie Moodley

Credit Controller

Management Team

Alessandra Allemann


Tony Alison

Chief Operations Officer

Darren Shea

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Drysdale (CMP)

General Manager: Global Sales

Wade Bawden

General Manager: Guest Services
I love being the General Manager of our Guest Service team! Our people are very fortunate to meet every guest who arrives in our beautiful land and we get to personally share our passion that is South Africa!

Dianne Govender

General Manager: Group Series Proposals
My career at Thompsons Africa started 15 years ago. I currently look after The Procurement & Group Series Proposals Team of Thompsons Africa, a company I am extremely proud to be a part of. It excites and inspires me to think that I am instrumental in the process of putting together a product that is someone’s dream, and proud of selling a destination that I truly believe is amazing!

Jonathan Gadiah

General Manager: Reservations

Adele Saunders

People Services and Development Manager
I am in the privileged position of overseeing the people services and development needs of the most amazing group of people – our employees! Our smart, driven, likeable and lucky people are my daily inspiration.

Astrid Fenton

Reporting/New Business Channels Manager
I have a passion for travel and I am very fortunate that my professional career in Finance, Telecommunications and Digital over the past 20 years has taken me to many cities across the world. I am honoured to be a part of the Thompsons Africa Team and it has reinforced why I am constantly so proud to call this spectacular region home.

Viki Haasbroek

Marketing Manager
I look after all Marketing and Media for Thompsons Africa. I have been with the company for almost 10 years and love being a part of a company whose passion is to make people’s dream holidays a reality.


Michelle Blaunfeldt

Personal Assistant