Tailor-Made brings you INVENTIVE INCENTIVES

The incentive division, Inventive Incentives, understands the specialist nature of the incentive business. It is well versed in the logistics of travel in Africa and how best to combine the hot spots into eventful, roller-coaster-ride itineraries.

With highly professional, multilingual staff and guides, Thompsons Africa assures you of the ultimate in incentives. There is no more spectacular destination than Africa for an unforgettable incentive for your staff. There are innumerable options to explore this continent of amazing natural beauty, with such a variety of scenery and glorious adventure experiences.


Incentives spur staff to greater heights and nurture relationships between staff and customers. To achieve the desired effect, you need a streamlined, exciting and well-managed incentive, which calls for imagination, skill, variety and experience.
Our principles for planning and handling an incentive of any size are: understanding our clients and their requirements, close attention to detail, knowing our products, recommending the right combination of accommodation and entertainment to suit each group, flexibility, personalised service, care and enthusiasm.

We will handle your enquiry with an innovative and descriptive proposal quotation, with detailed costings.