Tailor-Made brings you IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR

Travel with children is a speciality of Thompsons Africa. After all, a family holiday is a true memory-maker, so we make sure those memories are picture perfect.

A tailor-made family package will be packed with adventure and activities for both kids and parents. Explore the myriad of holiday experiences Africa has to offer.  Rest assured, Thompsons Africa has it covered.

For guests considering a southern African holiday with children, they’re coming to the right place, right people. Thompsons Africa fully understands the needs of families, and has specialised in identifying a broad range of uniquely child-friendly locations and activities, so a family holiday becomes just that - a holiday for every member of the family. Adults are given space to enjoy both solo and together time, and likewise the children.



Southern Africa is the perfect children’s playground. The climate and outdoor lifestyle lends itself to so many activities which children love, some with which they’re familiar, others they’ll experience for the very first time. And the family is there to be part of it. Whether it’s a gloriously carefree time on the beach, wonderment at wildlife in a game reserve, or simply ample green space to expend that excess energy, Thompsons Africa invites children to come out here and play.

Child-friendly hotels and game lodges happily cater for smaller members of the family. These select establishments across southern Africa provide camping cots, extra mattresses, sleeper couches and often inter-leading or larger rooms specifically designed to make family life that much easier. Their focus is on creating an environment which not only welcomes children, but ensures it’s not a silent adult zone. Most go the extra mile and more for families, by discounting their rates for children, offering an enticing children’s menu, quality child care services, and a host of small things which make a big difference.




For families who prefer to self-cater, a wide range of apartments and self-catering cottages open their doors wide to children of all ages.

Activities in southern Africa are legion and legendary. Thompsons Africa has a select group of superb family-friendly game reserves and lodges which have designed and included children’s interactive programmes into their wildlife experiences. Each lodge has its own particular excursions and activities, but they’re designed to edutain children, little to large...whether it’s teaching them to identify the different tracks made by animals, how to camouflage themselves in the bush, star gazing, or cooking bread on an open fire! Children, too, are introduced to the wonders of an African way of life, and depending on the region, may learn traditions of the Zulu, Shangaan or other local communities – how to braid hair the uniquely African way, or the right moves when embarking on a Shangaan dance! Not only will they learn the ways of the bush and Africa, but they’ll have more fun than they’ll know what to do with! Of course, their safety in a game reserve - Big Five or not - is paramount, and parents can be assured that deliberate encounters with dangerous game is entirely avoided.

A family holiday in a southern African game reserve is very likely to be the start of an important relationship between children and nature. For it to be experienced in a family friendly environment where children can be integrated into the experience in a welcoming atmosphere, is a wonderful gift from parent to child.