Expert Consultants

First class flights, private chauffeur driven transfers, 5 star hotels and gourmet dining….all of these things define luxury travel.  But it’s about MORE than just these obvious luxuries.  It’s about your guests’ PERFECT, dream holiday.  It’s about tailor-making the perfect trip custom fit to your guests’ personal requirements.  How do we achieve this?  Our team of expert, knowledgeable consultants knows exactly how to craft these perfect trips.
With a wealth of experience, our consultants are leaders in their field and know that defining a luxury journey means adding the personal touch and having an understanding of every nuance of a perfect dream experience.  It’s about drawing out the small details that will truly set a journey apart from any other…. And they have the skills to do just that.  Trust Thompsons Africa to ensure that your guests’ every wish will become a reality – it is our goal to exceed their every expectation.