Our Red Carpet Service

For guests who’re accustomed to a supreme level of luxury, and nothing else will do, Thompsons Africa introduces the Red Carpet Service.

The Red Carpet Service is designed so that you can tailor-make a superbly luxurious trip for guests who insist on those wonderful little add-ons, those little extra touches of luxury. We’ve compiled a sophisticated and comprehensive range of deluxe options in the Red Carpet Service, and because of the diversity of choice, you’ll be able to pick and choose, even match, individual deluxe elements which you know will be just right for your guests... and contribute to a holiday which surpasses all others. 
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Our Red Carpet Service includes:

The Gold Welcome & Platinum Welcome Meet & Greet Service (conducted on a private basis)

Guests are met personally, assisted with luggage, escorted to a restaurant or coffee shop and, while they’re refreshing themselves with a complimentary juice or hot beverage, will be handed their documentation. Thereafter, they’ll be personally assisted with banking, foreign exchange, cellular rental, and any other retail service they need within the terminal building, before being escorted to their onward transportation. Guests feel pampered and secure in the knowledge that they understand their itinerary arrangements, and that any questions or concerns raised, will be answered swiftly.  
In addition, offered for the Platinum Welcome Meet & Greet Service – currently only available in Johannesburg and Cape Town - guests are met on arrival straight off the aircraft by our personnel who have official airport clearance to be there. Guests will therefore feel completely at ease, knowing they’ll be escorted from the moment they step onto South African soil. 

Champagne and red carpets on all possible transfers
If your guests enjoy arriving in high style, we can assist - wherever possible - in arranging a red carpet with French Champagne.
Personalised Engraved Travel Journal and Safari Bag (per booking)
Our beautiful personalised journal is for them to document their extraordinary South African experiences.
Documentation and country information presented on an IPAD for the entire journey
On arrival off International Flights, guests are handed a IPAD with their full itinerary in an interactive format, and a host of other facilities designed to suit each individual:

Welcome Letter

Flight Details

Emergency numbers

Weather App


Country news relative to guest origin

Information on their chosen destination

Dictionary of commonly used local languages (local lingo) 

Selection of African books guests might find interesting relative to their chosen countries or regions travelled


24 hour Private Travel Valet
This Private Travel Valet will oversee a guest’s entire itinerary from start to finish.  He/she will travel with your guests, and is at their beck and call for the duration of the journey, answering their every need.  The service includes travelling ahead to ensure luggage moves smoothly from A to B, and is unpacked and ready on arrival.

Private transfers and private accommodation is, wherever possible, available under our Red Carpet service.