A Safari Experience

A Thompsons Africa travel expert will assist you in crafting the perfect tailor-made safari package. Immerse yourself in a world of intoxicating safari adventures.

For the people of Kenya, safari means ‘journey’ (in Kiwahili), and given that a journey can be a million different things to different people, at Thompsons Africa, so too can a safari. Here, a safari is as much a real personal journey as it is travel to a destination, for this extraordinary experience is so much more than the epitome of wildlife in breathtaking landscapes, it’s an intimate reconnection with the environment. Food for the soul! 
And it’s also an inordinate amount of sheer fun and deep contentment, as guests live a lifetime of emotions in a day. A safari can be experienced in so many ways, from unsurpassed luxury to a simpler, closer to nature experience. Guests can choose to move from one lodge or camp to the next, covering vast areas of this game-rich continent; or simply choose one classic destination, and immerse themselves there.


Accommodation varies from the absolute thrill of a luxury tented camp to the graciousness of award-winning deluxe lodges with the most sensational decor, health spas, and gourmet cuisine.  

No matter which or where, guests get to choose How.  At the heart of a safari is this intoxicating mix of heart-stopping action with big cats and even bigger elephants... through to companionable moments of near-silence around a camp fire, where crackling flames and a brilliant sky of stars is the ultimate sound and light entertainment for the evening.

On water, on land, in the air... walking, paddling a canoe, a motor boat on a river, or being driven in an open customised vehicle. Safari choices are so varied, all destined to bring guests as close as possible to all aspects of this wild theatre of Africa. Early morning drives with hot coffee and rusks, early evening drives with icy G&Ts... gourmet dinners and hearty breakfasts... time to recharge batteries, gaze out over never-ending vistas and think of nothing but the moment.


Thompsons Africa’s selected safari camps, lodges, and mobile safaris handpick the finest safari guides, all highly skilled professionals in their field, all with an in-depth knowledge of the fauna and flora of the region, as well as their open safari vehicles and the terrain. For those guests for whom capturing images of the landscape, birds and wildlife is a passion, Thompsons Africa offers specialised photographic safaris at selected locations, with legendary guides skilled in both fields.

Spending time with guides and trackers who choose this lifestyle and landscape as their home, ensures that guests, too, fall under the spell of Africa. Sitting around a camp fire in a traditional outdoor ‘boma’ as the last light fades, listening to the distant sound of hyaena calling, sharing stories of a guide’s life in Africa, perhaps bone-weary from a day of wild excitement...guests have left their other lives behind, and now wait only for the simplicity of a dawn, another day, another wild dog chase, a lion kill, a tiny elephant baby nestling alongside its mum, in Africa. Life is uncomplicated, life is good.

Secure in a glorious canvas tent or luxuriating in an acclaimed five-star lodge, an African safari with Thompsons Africa will always bring guests closer to the very nature of things. And they’ll return time and time again.